Cries in Vain

Cries in Vain
Every tear that falls is like a drop in the ocean

Κυριακή, 9 Ιανουαρίου 2011


The human mind is responsible for all of our actions , whether they are active or passive.But if we take a closer look we will see that all our decisions,thoughts and actions are triggered by our experience and memories. For example ,the way we deal with something depends on how we used to deal with it ,and what experience and maturity someone has achieved.Now...What if...Hypothetically speaking...All was blank , a void , everything blown away by the wind in just a moment?Then you will have reached the state of complete Oblivion.Then all will be gone. All the things you love,you hate,the things that make you smile , which move you , which scare you , which make your adrenaline shoot up , which make you feel lonely ... All forgotten . You'll have forgotten how it is to love , to share and to laugh ... You'll be someone else .

Because,let's face it , it's due to our experience and memories what kind of human beings will end up being. This will be like a new start , which will make you insane . Why you ask ? the answer is , because you have lived a life building , sacrifising to make your own lifestyle , and suddenly you will not remember doing anything of these things? will be like filling in the shoes of someone else . Some may think this is positive , forgetting ... be like "yeah , let's perish all those bad memories", but don't these make us human ? make out our fragility ? our strength ?
All in all , i believe Oblivion is a horrible state , a sickness and not a solution . Also keep in mind that once you have forgotten everyone , soon enough they will forget you too.
*last tip , don't perish bad memories , live with them , 'cause "No Pain , No Gain" ;) *