Cries in Vain

Cries in Vain
Every tear that falls is like a drop in the ocean

Πέμπτη, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Emotions... many different ones...each of them is unique.Each emotion has its own prestige.None of them is bad nor good.They all express different situations or maybe different emotions express the same situation no matter how opposite these emotions seem.Love,Happiness,Hate,Anger,Sadness are some of the most common ones...Of course there are other emotions...

Love: Nothing seems better than love.Everyone tries to reach it,searching for it but forgetting its true meaning.What does Love mean to you?Only when you truly know what it means to you should you search for it and fight for it.Love is a double-edged knife though.The more you experience it the more it'll hurt in the end.Most (including me) would say it's worth the sacrifice although others disagree.Be careful with Love.It can make you fly but can also make you fall to the ground.
Happiness:One of the emotions that everyone should try to achieve.Happiness is the key to well-being.When I say happiness though I mean real happiness.Be with people you're happy with, do things you like and you have it.Only you can bring happiness to your life with your choices.
Hate: Most would say that it's the opposite of Love.Well Hate is a completely different and unique emotion (like all of them) and can coexist with other emotions, even Love which is thought as its opposite.The reason this emotion is created varies depending on the situation and the personality of each person.Hate does not necessarily mean wanting the person that is hated to experience bad situations.Again, the Hate differs from person to person...
Anger: A feeling that also differs from person to person.Some people get angry easier or more difficult and with a different result (long-lasting "destructive" Anger, temporary mild Anger).Anger is not a bad emotion.Especially if the reason due to which is caused is right it helps getting out of a tough situation.
Sadness: Sadness is the lack of real Happiness.Sadness is usually achieved by making the wrong choices or not taking any choices at all.Then some else takes them for you.Rarely does "fate" decide for you and lead you to Sadness...

The other numerous emotions are composed by the above major emotions.The key factor to emotions is our self.We make our personallity,our mood,our emotions!We are the choices we make...


Τετάρτη, 29 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Getting 11 out of 10..A way of thinking..

 How many times have you concentrated on something with every sort of power you have,so that you can take the best out of it,the ultimate?But do you really what are you really aiming to get?Do you just got any idea how much you can really get?What is the limit your effort can reach?
Unfortunately,I cannot give an answer not even to one of these questions,the answers are buried deep into each one's heart...Each one of us know what he is aiming for,what he can do,his dreams,his desires..however,when it comes to expressing what we have understood from this,there is a blackout..we cannot say what we think..but we have still got the image in our mind,the image of what we want to say,but we cannot say..Expressing your thoughts...that is what we lack,mostly at least,cause there are other obstacles in this way,which are not yet ready neither to confront,nor to understand.

I want to speak more about the aim,our targets.Do we always really know what we want to achieve?Even when we say that we are 100% sure about our purposes and the things that we seek,there is a part of ourself which is doubtful and poses always questions,which underestimate the importance that we are trying to give to our desires..It's not very serious,sometimes it's just a question caused from insecurity and anxiety,which may even strengthen our choice,make it seem more certain,however it is not always like,sometimes it hurts to have something like a second person in your head,expressing a totally different view from your own,doubting your every movement...It could prove useful..but in the other hand it can also become start of self-destruction..

There is only one way to defend against know what you let only one voice be heard in your head...cause there is no democracy in this world,It's only about the right of the strongest...and to be the strongest you must know what to aim and how..and I know what  my aim is...instead of other people...I only aim to get 11 out of 10...only then I can feel satisfied with myself..

  ...and I know how to get it...


Τρίτη, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Running Away is no solution...

So many things that you cannot stand around you.They may seem able to take you down,but you will never know till you face them...You must prove to yourself whether you are the weak one or if you got the courage and the strength to fight for what you are,what you believe,and what you want!

Many would choose the "easiest" solution,to run away..from everything.A choice which would just give them a plastic feeling of security and happiness..believing that they had escaped from everything that made them sad,that they will be able to erase everything..pity for them,this cannot be done..even if you stop thinking about the things that happen they will continue happening.People should stop fleeing,a new start cannot be made while an old one is still active...It only begins from the ashes of your past,from what you've left behind...but only when you have really left everything behind...otherwise you will find yourself into a dead-end situation and you will be unable to do will just be an observer of your own life,a life that you will be unable to command anymore,where others would be your masters...

I hope that I have made already clear to everybody that my advice to you is to manage properly your personal/professional matters,in a way that you won't mix up two or (even worse) more together.It's up to you,it is your to prove capable of getting what you FIGHT!

*Even if you are losing don't run for your life..just transfer the battle into your own territory ;)*