Cries in Vain

Cries in Vain
Every tear that falls is like a drop in the ocean

Τρίτη, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2010

Running Away is no solution...

So many things that you cannot stand around you.They may seem able to take you down,but you will never know till you face them...You must prove to yourself whether you are the weak one or if you got the courage and the strength to fight for what you are,what you believe,and what you want!

Many would choose the "easiest" solution,to run away..from everything.A choice which would just give them a plastic feeling of security and happiness..believing that they had escaped from everything that made them sad,that they will be able to erase everything..pity for them,this cannot be done..even if you stop thinking about the things that happen they will continue happening.People should stop fleeing,a new start cannot be made while an old one is still active...It only begins from the ashes of your past,from what you've left behind...but only when you have really left everything behind...otherwise you will find yourself into a dead-end situation and you will be unable to do will just be an observer of your own life,a life that you will be unable to command anymore,where others would be your masters...

I hope that I have made already clear to everybody that my advice to you is to manage properly your personal/professional matters,in a way that you won't mix up two or (even worse) more together.It's up to you,it is your to prove capable of getting what you FIGHT!

*Even if you are losing don't run for your life..just transfer the battle into your own territory ;)*


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