Cries in Vain

Cries in Vain
Every tear that falls is like a drop in the ocean

Τρίτη, 11 Οκτωβρίου 2011


More like a complicated sentiment or feeling,but also a simple and single action.A feeling I hope none ever feels,a situation I wish you will never be confronted to..!However,as much as I may hope or wish,betrayal would still be alive and kicking...destroying the last bridge between human beings,Trust.
Many people have learnt the hard way how tough may prove trusting somebody with all your body and mental power..because there are not enough people yet to respect this trust,mostly she is being rejected,like a withered leaf,which has no longer a place in their tree.

Miserable to hear,sad to see and painful to live,trust is being degraged,and owing to this degrage communication amongst human beings is at its last legs.Still there is hope!Or more likely,there could be..if only people could erase their past and make a new start!But who can ever trust the one who betrayed him?Who can make a new start,without being affected from his mistakes? The answer is define,No one.Although many may seem to try,and some of them may even seem having succeded building a new relationship with themselves,they have only built new walls between them.You can never forget,you can only pretend you have forgotten..and no human relationship can survive based on Lie and hypocrisy,seems as if somebody is trying to run on burnt ice...

Nobody can forget the traitor,nor his face..Some say that traitors are usually like angels,I totally agree,because only an angel-looking person will be able to detect your weaknesses.You only reveal your secrets to angels,waiting from them to keep it a secret,what if they are not?

-Who can ever forget?
-None,but many will surely regret...
-Who can ever trust the betrayer?

Just remember..
"Trust hurts".


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